University Affiliated Research Center

SDL was designated as one of the original six Department of Defense (DoD) UARCs when UARCs were established in 1996. As the Missile Defense Agency’s dedicated UARC, SDL is one of 14 current DoD UARCs in the nation.

Because of its UARC status, SDL is a trusted agent of the Government focused on providing customer-driven, mission-focused, and technology-enabled solutions for national defense and homeland security.

Features of a UARC

  • Provides and maintains core capabilities for the DoD
  • Subject matter experts for core areas of expertise
  • Responds quickly to evolving government requirements
  • Independent assessment & technology development
  • Solutions are free for Government use
  • Operates free from real or perceived conflicts of interest

SDL's UARC Core Competencies

  • Electro-optical sensor systems research and development
    • Innovative sensor components and systems
    • Cryo-system thermal design, development, and handling
    • Sensor calibration, characterization, test, and evaluation
  • Ground, airborne, and space-rated instruments and payloads development, test and evaluation, integration, validation, and operations to include technology insertion including form, fit, function, and miniaturization of mechanical, optical, and electronic devices
  • Modular Open Systems Architecture for airborne, space, and ground applications
  • Autonomous and intelligent unmanned sensor systems
  • Geo-based active stabilization and pointing for airborne, space, and ground applications
  • Large-scale data processing, handling, compression/decompression, and visualization techniques for sensor analysis, data exploitation, data fusion, and dissemination
  • Phenomenology measurements, modeling, and simulation
  • Sensor modeling and simulation
  • Small/micro satellite sensor systems and components
  • Prototype development of ground systems to support ground, airborne, and space instruments
    • Multi-domain command and control (C2), including C2 research and analysis and developing C2 concept of operations (CONOPS)
  • Cyber analytics and high speed networks