SDL’s internship program provides an exciting opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to get involved with state-of-the art technologies in space-, airborne-, and ground-based systems. Interns are able to work on professional-level assignments that complement their academic studies in our C4ISR Systems, Strategic & Military Space, Civil & Commercial Space, and System Calibration and Test divisions.

There are no internships position open at this time.

Skills and Projects

The desired skills and background fall primarily in the computer engineering, computer science, and mechanical engineering disciplines, and are outlined below. Secondary disciplines include optical science, electrical engineering, physics, and mathematics. U.S. citizenship and a 3.0 GPA minimum are required. Examples of projects students may work on are also shown below.

C4ISR Division

Skills and background

  • Software (C++, Web, etc.)
  • Guidance, navigation, and control
  • Embedded engineering
  • Security clearance

Projects and responsibilities

  • Support a UAV-capable sensor system flight test
  • Mock-up a web interface to one of the following:
    • SAR simulator
    • UAV full-motion-video exploitation
    • Web-based image/map exploitation
    • CyberSMART – a cyber-simulation and execution tool
  • Cyber test range enhancements
  • Mock up a mobile interface for a sensor-related task
  • Provide feedback on optimal ways to implement an exploitation widget (Java, etc.)
  • VANTAGE™ (ISR exploitation suite) testing

Military and Civil Space Divisions

Skills and background

  • Mechanical design (Solid Edge/Works, Mathcad)
  • Electrical design and development (SPICE analysis)
  • MATLAB or IDL data processing
  • STK orbit analysis
  • Software (C++, C#, C, Ruby, Python)
  • Thermal analysis experience
  • Knowledge of optical instruments

Projects and responsibilities

  • Optical instrument for space
  • 3U CubeSat spacecraft
  • Small satellite flight and ground support software
  • Manufacture and test spaceflight hardware

System Calibration and Testing Division

Skills and background

  • Ground stations
  • Networking and data assurance
  • Satellite technologies
  • Sensor systems
  • Software (C++, Web, LabView)
  • Testing and calibration
  • Thermal vacuum chambers

Projects and responsibilities

  • Radiation Budget Instrument program support
  • Optical sensor testing