SDL has a thorough understanding of remote and in situ sensing and has been responsible for the design, fabrication, and operation of sensors on over 430 space-based and rocket-borne payloads as well as hundreds of aircraft-, UAV-, and ground-based systems. SDL’s specialized sensor products serve military, civil, academic, and industry customers.


Compact Eye-safe Lidar System

CELiS is a small, eye-safe lidar system designed to monitor particulate matter (PM) generated from vehicle traffic, agriculture, or industrial sources. It can also be used to monitor air quality.


Differential Absorption Lidar

SDL has developed a mobile DIAL system capable of measuring carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and aerosols.


Digital Imaging Space Camera

SDL’s DISC is a one mega-pixel, visible, monochromatic imager that uses less than 1.5 W of power and is built with radiation-hardened components.


SDL’s EyePod is an intelligent, geo-aware, day/night-stabilized imaging sensor system for deployment aboard Group III unmanned aircraft systems.


Agile Adaptive Radar

FlexSAR, SDL’s flight-proven, agile radar imaging system, is available as a test bed for advanced concepts and imaging needs.


SDL’s TowerHawk weapons platform enables a remotely-located operator to control and fire a .338 Lapua Magnum weapon with an effective range of over 1200 meters.